Benjamin Reed

Software Engineer

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Multi-discipline developer, seeking employment doing interesting things with technology. I have a wide range of experience in diverse areas of computing. I enjoy learning new software, techniques, and tools, and applying that knowledge to the development of great software.





The OpenNMS Group, Inc. (2007-Present)

CIO and Senior Developer

Java and JavaScript programmer at a small, mature, open-source company. Responsible for helping to develop and maintain OpenNMS, a Java-based network management tool.

Raritan, Inc. (2006-2007)

Software Engineer

Perl and Java programmer. Responsible for developing and maintaining a number of subsystems for the CC-NOC line of network management appliances.

Fink Project (2001-2014)

Project Administrator

Project co-lead for an estimated 80,000-user distribution of open-source software for Mac OS X. Involved in all major policy decisions, as well as packaging software as a maintainer.

Motricity, Inc. (2004-2006)

Software Engineer

Perl and Java programmer. Responsible for developing and maintaining, a large-scale mod_perl-based e-commerce site using RHEL, Apache, and mod_perl (HTML::Mason).

Oculan Corp. (2000-2004)

System Administration and Operational Support

Duties include design, implementation, maintainance, and administration of the source code tree, web, mail, and other infrastructure servers, as well as other office network and system administration. Primarily involved in scripting and support related to the infrastructure that provides backups, updates, and nightly tasks for Oculan’s line of network management appliances.

Benjamin Reed — [email protected] — (919) 200-0655